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Long Walk To Freedom

LONG WALK TO FREEDOM by Nelson Mandela 

Nelson Mandela is widely regarded today as one of Africa’s greatest statesmen.    The book is an absolute classic, and needs no further introduction.

This collection consists of his famous book “The Long Walk to Freedom” as well as a CD called “The Voice of Mandela”.  Both the book and the CD are brand new, and were originally bought as collector’s items.   They are now being sold to raise money for local South African children’s charities by the Rotary Club of Johannesburg East.

The book is a personally autographed 630 page exhilarating story of Mandela’s life – a story of hardship, resilience and ultimate triumph told with the clarity and eloquence of a born leader.   President Mandela personally autographed this book for the Rotary club on April 24th, 1998.

The CD contains extracts from his most famous speeches, from the Rivonia Trial up to his last speech as President of South Africa.  Most of the material was recorded from the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s sound archives.

The Rotary Club of Johannesburg East decided in 1998 to buy 5 autographed copies of the book, but by this time Nelson Mandela was no longer autographing his book.  One of the club members had close contacts with the Mandela Children’s Fund, so the club bought the books, and the club member had them autographed by Nelson Mandela as a special favour.

The club had always wanted an investment that would assist in the financing of the club’s very worthwhile projects, and the books fitted the bill, but knew that it would take time to realize the value.   With the recent passing away of Nelson Mandela, as well the release of the film “Long Walk to Freedom”, now is that time.

<>The books are all brand new, and have a hard cover as well as a jacket.

The books were first published by Macdonald Purnell (Pty.) Ltd. of Randburg, South Africa, in 1994.

<>Nelson Mandela’s autograph which appears on the third page of the book, has been certified as authentic by one of Johannesburgs’s top forensic examiner of documents, and certified copies of the Certificate of Authenticity will be supplied with the book.

In addition, a CD recording of Nelson madela' s most famous speeches will also be included with the first books to be sold.

This is certainly a unique opportunity for buyers to acquire a really famous piece of “Afrikana”.   In addition, buyers will be helping numerous poor children in the Johannesburg East area.

The club has put the books up for sale on - if you cannot find them there, please contact us.     

For more information please contact us.


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